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If you are passionate about Languages Books, search our website. You'll find a huge variety of book titles written by famous, contemporary, classic, and novice authors. Our goal is that you can have a large virtual library so that you satisfy your desire to read and enjoy a good read.

World Languages

This book is designed to introduce students of diverse backgrounds and different levels of language ability to. Spanish phonetics and phonology.

Polyglot : how I learn languages / Kató Lomb

About textbooks Lomb takes an original and provoca- tive stance: “A student whose native language is Hungarian should study from a book prepared by a Hungarian.

books every language teacher needs to read #1

BOOKS EVERY LANGUAGE TEACHER NEEDS TO READ. LIST #1. Books on this list meet the following criteria: 1. SLA friendly: Only books that support SLA research ...


We suggest that you wait to purchase your book/materials until receiving your confirmation. Chinese. Course: Chinese Conversation and Culture. Required text: ...

An Introduction to Language and Linguistics

The breadth of the textbook makes it ideal for introductory courses on language and linguistics offered by departments of English, sociology, anthropology, and ...

Selecting Culturally Appropriate Children's Books in ...

Use this Quick Guide to find, select, evaluate, and use books to support language and literacy development in the home languages of young children. Dual ...

A Comparative Review of Four Books on Language and ...

xiv + 406. E In recent years, the (overlapping) fields of linguistics, applied linguis- tics, second language learning, and TESOL ...

A Library Without Books: The Importance of Language ...

library collection more reflective of its community, we Omaha residents should go to their local libraries and request Spanish language books ...

Recommended World Language Vendors

Chinese, Japanese,. Korean, Vietnamese. Books/AV Virginia. Chelsea at HCL - Chulainn Publishing.

We present you the best Books To Learn Korean valued by our users

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We present you the best Books To Learn English valued by our users

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We present you the best Books To Learn Mandarin Chinese valued by our users

Learn Mandarin Chinese

por Mauricio Rezende

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We present you the best Books To Learn Hindi valued by our users
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Languages are undoubtedly a great door to wherever we want, even to our outside world. And these doors will open the more languages you know, that's for sure, as they will make it easier for you to find a job, your academic world, and even to establish social and business relationships. Download free language books in pdf. Languages are the fundamental pillar of culture, and at we are going to provide you with books and audiobooks to learn English, German, Portuguese, Italian... among many others.

Because communication is and always will be the greatest element of connection between citizens of the world, so learning foreign languages is something fundamental in our daily lives and that is why we have established it as a category, so you can download in pdf hundreds of books dedicated to learning languages that travel the world, and you can travel the world too!

We see it as essential for you to increase your cultural knowledge and thereby gain numerous opportunities for study abroad or even exciting job offers. Your social circle will obviously also be positively affected, because thanks to new languages you will get to know a lot more people, new cultures and, above all, new ways of looking at life.

Download language learning books PDF for free

With us you can download the best books to learn languages in pdf for free. In addition, you will also find them in audio book format for free. We have not only more territorially extensive languages such as English or Chinese, but also other less studied languages such as Hindi or Bengali among many others, for example. All of them will be culturally important to you, because the more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to travel, to learn certain things, or even to find a job. You can download books to learn English, books to learn German, books to learn Korean, books to learn Italian and many more!

It is clear that with these types of books we promote self-learning, if you choose, you can even use them to teach someone else. With these books and audiobooks you will have access to books with excellent foreign language learning methods that you can use whenever you want, reading free books has never been easier than now! Download them in free pdf without any further delay!

Free PDF downloads of books that will give you new opportunities. 

With proven effectiveness, which is difficult to guarantee in a globalised world like the one we live in every day, we bring you the best books to learn languages, because nowadays this is almost a guarantee for finding work, and the clear example is seen in companies in full international expansion where they need workers from different parts of the world, who speak different languages or at least it is essential that they speak a language other than their native language and can thus adapt to the needs of the company. Download free pdf books to learn languages!

More and more companies are demanding more and more languages for recruitment and stricter training and it is completely normal because every day people have more studies and competition is greater, so companies will always want the best on the market, and that must be you.

These books in pdf and audiobooks apart from opening doors for you in the job market will undoubtedly provide you with a wider world, as travelling to foreign language countries will be much easier once you have learnt or have basic notions of these languages. You will expand your cultural frontiers by talking to people with different customs, which will lead you to discover new and different ways of understanding life and to be able to relate fluently with people with whom you did not previously share a common language.

There are many countries waiting for you to get to know their culture, and it will be much easier for you to get to know them if you first have some basic notions of the corresponding language, notions that you will learn thanks to the audio books and pdf books classified by languages.

Our goal is that you enjoy Languages Books and that you can spend hours and hours reading. Reading is one of the greatest pleasures of our life and we want access to literature to be much easier and suitable for everyone. For this reason, on our website you will find Languages Books that have a totally free version or with free chapters so that you can decide in advance whether or not you want to invest money in this reading.

The Languages Books that we put at your disposal are books highly valued by readers and have been recommended. Thus, you will be able to read only the best of the best and enjoy an exciting, interesting, and engaging read from the beginning to the end.

In you will find the Languages Books free and online so that you can enjoy reading in a more free and accessible way to everyone. Because we are passionate about words, passionate about letters, passionate about books.
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